About Us

YI MING YUE QI (YM MUSICAL PRODUCTS & CASES), a manufacturer of professionally making Stringed Instruments and Cases. Established in early 2008 as a small factory by a couple of very experienced violin makers, after years of development, YI MING has been growing to a company with more than 200 skillful employees making various products.
There are 3 main categories of our products, they are;
1. Stringed Instruments Division
; such as Violins, Violas, Cellos, Double Basses and electric string instruments….etc. Our current production capability allows us making 3000+ Violins plus others every month.
2. Case & Bags Division; our product line for this category including cases and bags for: a. Stringed instrument Cases and Bags. Case and Bags for Violin, Viola, Violas, Cellos, Double Basses (more than 10,000 various cases per month).
b. Guitar Case & Bags, this including Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Ukuleles, effect cases….etc. (more than 10,000 various cases per month).
c. Other cases and Bags; such as Trombone, Saxophone, Trumpet, Dulcimer, Amp. Cases and other custom made cases & bags.
3. Ukulele Division; beginning from early 2012, a new production line has been setup for making pro. Ukuleles. After half year of trial production, we are ready to introducing our quality ukuleles to the market. We now able to make 6000+ various of ukuleles every month.
In sum, it has been never easy to make good products, and even harder to make great quality products while keeping most reasonable costs. We always have faith to achieve the point of balancing customer’s requirements not only in quality but also in pricing while keeping reasonable profit for our company to develop. We thank all the support from our customers and hope to grow together in the future years. Your comments and feedbacks are always welcome, please feel free to contact us for requests.
Yours Sincerely
C.C.H. Oct. 2012
FACTORY: YI MING YUE QI XiQiao Town, TaiXing City JiangSu Province, 225419 CHINA
Tel: +86-523-8789-2608 / Fax: +86-523-8789-0011
E-Mail: chunchunhsu@hotmail.com / wengxq1224@hotmail.com